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14 archives found for 'Euan Smith, Colonel'
  • 6610.

    Col. Euan-Smith, 21-02-1894, London
  • 6748.

    Col. Euan-Smith, s.d., London
  • 4588.

    Text of a telegram from Colonel Euan Smith to Sir Evelyn Baring, giving a list of the officers from the Equatorial Province that arrived at the Coast, s.l., 22-12-1889
  • 4589.

    Transcripts of telegrams between Colonel Euan Smith and Sir Evelyn Baring, regarding Tippu Tip, s.l., April 1890 (4 pieces)
  • 3372.

    Col. Euan Smith, H. M.'s Agency & Consulate General, Zanzibar, 12-12-1889
  • 3382.

    Col. Euan Smith, H. B. M. Agency & Consulate General, Zanzibar, 21-12-1889
  • 3392.

    H. Thomson, Smith, Mackenzie & Co., Zanzibar, December 1889
    Note: Four letters. Various copies of telegrams from William Mackinnon, the Emin Pasha Relief Committee, Colonel Euan Smith and George S. Mackenzie, addressed to HMS or Emin Pasha
  • 3433.

    Col. Euan Smith, British Consul-General in Zanzibar, Zanzibar, 06-03-1890
  • 3467.

    Col. Euan Smith, British Consul-General in Zanzibar, Zanzibar, 08-04-1890 [Telegram]
  • 4822.

    Correspondence respecting Mr. Stanley's Expedition for the Relief of Emin Pasha. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty, London, February 1890, 17 pp.

    Contains letters from Colonel Euan-Smith to the Marquis of Salisbury, Zanzibar, 28-12-1889 [with enclosed Report by HMS describing the proceedings of the EPRE]; Foreign Office to Colonel Euan-Smith, Foreign Office, 31-01-1889. With inscription in Stanley
  • 2060.

    Letter from James Augustus Grant to HMS, commenting on Stanley's map and official report to Colonel Euan Smith in The Times, stating that "the English public would prefer reading imaginary rather than real travels but they (…) will be educated by your thruthful account", on the immediate necess, London, 13-02-1890
  • 2301.

    Col. Euan Smith, Zanzibar, 01-07-1890 [Telegram]
  • 2334.

    Telegrams (59) congratulating HMS and Dorothy Tennant on Stanley's election victory, fastened, s.l., all dated 16-07-1895
    Note: Telegrams sent by (among others) Agnes Livingstone Bruce, Frederic and Eveleen Myers, Alfred Comyn Lyall, Florence Westbury, Colonel Euan Smith and Sir George Taubman Goldie
  • 2431.

    Col. Euan Smith, London, 03-06-1899 [Telegram]