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4 archives found for 'Elliott, Captain J. Grant'
  • 3759.

    J. Grant Elliott, Geraldton, West Australia, 30-04-1891
  • 951.

    Letter from Colonel Strauch to HMS, on the steamer Stanley, begging him to put one or two assistants at Captain J. Grant Elliott's disposal, on the Houssas not being treated "in a manner suitable to the dispositions and temper of their race", President of C.É.H.C. and A.I.A. 1878-85, A.I.C., Brussels, 07-01-1884
    Note: Enclosed circular from Col. Strauch to Capt. J. Grant Elliott (and others), announcing the arrival of General Gordon, A.I.C., Brussels, 07-01-1884
  • 1028.

    Letter from Colonel Pollok to HMS, on a possible relief mission for Charles George Gordon led by Stanley, offering himself as his Second in Command (being an old schoolfellow of Gordon), "[J. Grant] Elliott is making an awful ass of himself, and all the best men under him are trying to ge, Vivi, 07-07-1884
  • 1029.

    Letter from Colonel Pollok to HMS, sending him a rough plan showing the arrangements of new Vivi, complaining about J. Grant Elliott's behaviour, Pau, 09-11-1884