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80 archives found for 'Emin, Bey'
  • 5393.

    "Letter from Emin Pasha. 'Africa's paths and Africa's work'" - "The Freedom of Edinburgh to Mr. Stanley", Scottish Leader, 30-04-1890
  • 5394.

    [Emin Pasha in service with the Germans], Sydney Mail, 14-05-1890
  • 5395.

    [Emin Pasha in service with the Germans], The Nation, 15-05-1890
  • 5416.

    "Mr. Stanley on Emin Pasha", The Daily Graphic, 09-06-1890
  • 5417.

    "The 'treachery' of Emin", The Daily Graphic, 09-06-1890
  • 5418.

    "Stanley and Emin", Scottish Leader, 09-06-1890
  • 5429.

    "Did I rescue Emin?", Judy, 11-06-1890
  • 5495.

    "'In Darkest Africa'. The quest rescue and retreat of Emin. Mr. Stanley's book", The Daily Graphic, 28-06-1890
  • 5502.

    "Stanley and Emin Pacha. The Great Explorer's Story of His March Across Africa to Rescue the Governor. An Exciting, Engaging, Earnest Book", New York Herald, 29-06-1890
  • 5542.

    "Stanley's Great Work. The Rescue of Emin Pasha and Still Larger Results", Sunday Herald (Boston), 06-07-1890
  • 5578.

    "Emin and Stanley", The Scottish Leader, 14-07-1890
  • 5602.

    "'In Darkies' Africa'; or, the chase, coercion, and capture of Emin, governor of Insectoria", Funny Folks, 19-07-1890
  • 5624.

    [Feud between Stanley and Emin], The Liverpool Daily Courier, 06-09-1890
  • 5666.

    "Emin Pasha" [A. J. Mounteney-Jephson's book], [?], [1890]
  • 5697.

    "Emin Pasha", New York Herald, 03-01-1892
  • 5718.

    "H. M. Stanley's lecture. The relief of Emin Pasha", [?], 18-02-1892
  • 5719.

    "Emin in Equatoria", Western Daily Press, 20-02-1892
  • 5720.

    [Possible rescue expedition for Emin Pasha], New Zealand Times, 27-02-1892
  • 5725.

    "Mr. Stanley's lectures. Rescue of Emin Pasha", South Australian Register, 14-03-1892
  • 5726.

    [Return of Emin Pasha to his province], The Shanghai Mercury, 29-03-1892
  • 5735.

    "Emin Pasha", The Times, 29-04-1892
  • 5738.

    [News from Emin Pasha], Birmingham Post, 30-04-1892
  • 5739.

    [News from Emin Pasha], Saturday Review, 30-04-1892
  • 5745.

    [Stanley into politics; latest news about Emin Pasha], Yorkshire Herald, 03-05-1892
  • 5749.

    [Rumours about the death of Emin Pasha], Western Daily Press (Bristol), 09-05-1892
  • 5750.

    "Emin Pasha blind", Daily Chronicle, 11-05-1892
  • 5751.

    "The reported blindness of Emin Pasha" - "Ismail Pasha's relations with the Sultan", Pall Mall Gazette, 11-05-1892
  • 5753.

    [Rumours regarding Emin Pasha], Observer, 15-05-1892
  • 57.

    FIELD NOTEBOOK (8 April 8 July 1888), red leather, pencil, 115 pp., a few leaves half torn out, others detached, some excised, many lightly scored through, oblong 8vo

    Journal of the Advance Column, continued, including an account of Stanley's rendezvous with Emin Pasha and long entries recording their subsequent conversations; containing also muster rolls and lists, itineraries and 10 rough pencilled maps and sketches
  • 60.

    FIELD NOTEBOOK labelled "Officers Field Notes and Sketch Book" (8 January 22 June 1889), black leather, pencil and ink, 175 pp., oblong 8vo

    Journal of the EPRE, continued, containing the first half of the march east to Zanzibar, including numerous transcripts of letters between HMS, Emin Pasha and Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson; also a draft essay "View from Kavalli", many muster rolls of Stanley's and Emin's followers, lists of loads, a few rough pencilled maps of the Ruwenzori, Lake Victoria, etc., and additional sketches in the text
  • 71.

    WILLIAM BONNY, Autograph Journal of the Rear Column (7 September 1888 - 8 April 1889), brown calf, partly disbound, pencil, one page in ink, two pages badly smudged and partly illegible, 170 pp., a few leaves excised, oblong 8vo

    William Bonny's journal of the Rear Column, continued, containing an account of the last days on the Congo and the beginning of the march with Emin Pasha to the coast, lists of stores, a few sketches, plans of the starvation camp. Three pages written by Stanley and signed by him (Your friend Henry M. Stanley) containing instructions (Starvation Camp in Forest. Dec. 15th 1888. Observe these notes carefully)
  • 83.

    NOTES AND DRAFTS (c. 1892), brown leather, ink, 65 pp., oblong 8vo

    Notes and drafts for Stanley's Autobiography, including draft prefaces, drafts concerning Emin Pasha, Edmund M. Barttelot, religion, etc., a draft of a speech about his first three expeditions and Stanley's view of "the white men while at work in Africa" (39 pp.) and 3 pp. journal entries of a trip to Scotland (August 1892)
  • 87.

    POCKET NOTEBOOK labeled "Notes Emin Expedition", ink, 19 pp., some torn out, 8vo

    Containing various autobiographical notes relating to Stanley's stay in Spain (1869), Edward King, Civil War veterans, education, Christos Evangelides, his boyhood, William G. Stairs and Edmund M. Barttelot, James Gordon Bennett, Emin and Dr. Robert Felkin
  • 6959.

    Newspaper extracts and various portraits of Stanley

    Contains: "The meeting of Livingstone and Stanley in Central Africa", The Graphic, 03-08-1872; "The finding of Dr. Livingstone", Illustrated London News, 17-08-1872; "Men of the day, No. 52", Vanity Fair, 02-11-1872; "H. M. Stanley", Momus, 07-11-1878; Stanley cartoon, Punch, 28-10-1882; "Mr. Stanley, the explorer", Moonshine, 11-11-1882; "Gordon, Emin and Stanley" and "Mr. H. M. Stanley from an etching by Professor H. [Hubert] Herkomer", The Graphic, 08-02-1890; Stanley cartoon, Moonshine, 03-02-1894; The Graphic, 10-06-1899; "Henry M. Stanley", The Strand Magazine, s.d.; some other loose portraits
  • 6969.

    Postscript signed by HMS about the probable reason of Emin Pasha's strange conduct
  • 6975.

    Leaflet to promote E. P. Scott's book Stanley and his heroic relief of Emin Pasha, 1890, London
  • 4622.

    Autograph manuscript by HMS about Emin Pasha, [1892 or later], 45 pp., 4to
  • 4623.

    Typescript about Emin Pasha, s.d., 21 pp., with pencil corrections, 4to
  • 4633.

    Various autobiographical notes, s.d., typescript with 3 pp. autograph addition and a small pencil note about William Bonny, also a few pencil and ink corrections or remarks, 58 pp., 4to

    Notes on Herbert Ward; Work; Death; Our Expedition; Banalaya; Yambuya and Rear Column; Troup, Ward, and officers of Rear Column; British East Africa; Barttelot-Jephson-Emin; [Louis] Valcke; Officers; Joy's soul; Barbarism; Fame; Bonny at Banalya; Advancement
  • 4634.

    Various autobiographical notes, [1893 or later], typescript, some ink additions by Dorothy Tennant, 68 pp., 4to

    Notes on Officers at Yambuya; Barttelot; The Barttelot case also Livingstone; Kavalli and Emin; Joy lies in the doing; [Gaetano] Casati; Phil Robinson and pressmen; Quakers; The Press; Platitudes, preaching; The Public; Letter Writing; In sickness; Going to Abyssinia; Congo; Livingstone search; Among Englishmen; Love; Appleton vs. Stanley Oct. 29th 1893; Death; Uganda; Livingstone; Letters; After returning home
  • 4695.

    Defence against allegations in Georg Schweitzer's Emin Pasha: his life and work, rejecting his presumed harsh treatment of Emin Pasha, [c. 1898], two autograph drafts (incomplete), 17 pp., 4to and 8o
  • 4716.

    Two autograph drafts on Richard F. Burton and Emin Pasha, 5 pp., 8vo
  • 4721.

    The Rescue of Emin Pasha and our March athwart Darkest Africa, 1890, typescript, revised, 41 pp. plus autograph note by Dorothy Tennant, folio
  • 4722.

    Across Africa, and the Rescue and Retreat of Emin Pasha, 1890, typescript, in duplicate, one with pencil corrections and one without, 35 pp., folio (2 pieces)
  • 4723.

    Conference by HMS about his expeditions into Africa (but inscribed "Rescue of Emin" by Dorothy Tennant), s.d., in duplicate, typescript, revised, 46 pp., folio (2 pieces)
  • 3392.

    H. Thomson, Smith, Mackenzie & Co., Zanzibar, December 1889
    Note: Four letters. Various copies of telegrams from William Mackinnon, the Emin Pasha Relief Committee, Colonel Euan Smith and George S. Mackenzie, addressed to HMS or Emin Pasha
  • 4796.

    "Memorandum on the Subject of the Relief of Emin Bey", suggesting the forming of a Relief Committee, [c. 1886]
  • 4802.

    "Copy of a High Arabic Order" to Emin Pasha (translation), 01-02-1887
  • 4809.

    Copy of "Generic names of the plants collected by me on the mountain side - Emin Pasha has kindly furnished them"
  • 667.

    Letter [copy] from Leopold II to HMS, expressing satisfaction with Stanley having found Emin, urging him to "improve the frontier of the Congo State", Brussels, 30-12-1888
  • 746.

    Letter from Comte Paul de Borchgrave to HMS, thanking him for his arrangement with Tippu Tip, about a loan put in circulation in the Congo State, confirming King Leopold's verbal instructions "concerning the country submitted to Emin Bey", Brussels, 26-02-1887
  • 755.

    Letter from Comte Paul de Borchgrave to HMS, thanking him for the copy of a letter from the Khedive to Emin Pasha, Brussels, 24-11-1893
  • 1147.

    Letter from William G. Stairs to HMS, informing him of his arrival at Unyanyembe, on the great change in the nature and numbers of its inhabitants, describing his coming across from the coast to Tabora, about the death of cattle along the route, the German Baron von Siegl in charge at Tabora, Tabora, 09-09-1891
  • 1166.

    Letter from Thomas H. Parke to HMS, on Emin's condition, German Hospital, Bagamoyo, 07-12-1889
  • 1167.

    Letter from Thomas H. Parke to HMS, on Emin's condition, Bagamoyo, 09-12-1889
  • 1196.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to HMS, "on arriving here (…) we found Emin Pasha was away", Emin Pasha's Settlement, 23-04-1888
  • 1198.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to HMS, about the rebellion at Dufilé and his imprisonment with Emin Pasha, "we are like rats in a trap", Dufilé, 07-11-1888
  • 1199.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to HMS, informing him that after his release Emin Pasha has not yet resumed his authority, and is "by no means anxious to do so", Wadelai, 24-11-1888
    Note: postscript to Jephson's letter of Nov. 7th
  • 1201.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to HMS, submitting a report of his stay from May 24th 1888 up to the present time with Emin Pasha, acknowledging that they had wrongly supposed that all the Pasha's difficulties arose from events outside his country, "whereas in point of fact his real danger aro, Kavalli's Village, Albert Nyanza, 07-02-1889
  • 1202.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to HMS, about his arrival at the Pasha's camp and their decision to start for Kavalli's, showing his resentment of Gaetano Casati's selfishness, Weré Camp, Albert Nyanza, 15-02-1889
    Note: With a note from Emin Pasha to HMS, announcing his departure [for Kavalli's] to-morrow morning
  • 1203.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to HMS, with translation of a letter from Omar Saleh (General of the Mahdi's forces) to Emin Pasha, intercepted by the rebel officers at Dufilé on October 17th, Kavalli's Village, February 1889
    Note: Also copies of the last three letters from F. Lupton Bey (Governor of the Bahr el Ghazal Province) to Emin Pasha, 12-04, 20-04 and 26-04-1884
  • 1205.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to HMS, regarding the publication of his book [Emin Pasha and the Rebellion at the Equator], London, 30-04-1890
  • 1245.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to HMS, about his meeting with Emin's cousin, sister and daughter Ferida, British Embassy, Berlin, 13-11-1896
  • 1246.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to HMS, sending him a photo of Emin's daughter Ferida, about William Bonny's situation, reminiscences of his old affection for Emin, [Meads], 21-11-1896
    Note: Enclosed letter from William Bonny to Henry East, Folkestone, 14-11-1896
  • 1362.

    Correspondence between HMS and Emin Pasha, s.l., 1887-1889 (11 pieces)
  • 1363.

    Letter [copy] from F. Emin Effendi (= Emin Pasha) to Seyyid Barghash (Sultan of Zanzibar), thanking him for the services by the Zanzibari traders in Uganda, s.l., 20-04-1879
  • 1364.

    Telegram from Mehemet Thewfik to Emin Pasha, "j'ai reçu avec grand plaisir de vos nouvelles par Stanley", s.l., [January 1890?]
  • 1378.

    Letter [with copy] from HMS to William Mackinnon, declaring his willingness to undertake the relief of Emin "without hope of fee or reward", London, 15-11-1886
  • 1390.

    Letter from William Mackinnon to HMS, regarding provisions to be procured by the Congo State to the EPRE, rumours in the press that Emin Bey is on his way to the East Coast, Netherlands India Steam Navigation Co. Limited, London, 28-01-188[7] [letter misdated 1888]
  • 1393.

    Letter from William Mackinnon to HMS, expressing his thankfulness at Stanley's return, "I am sure you and Emin have completed satisfactory arrangements long ago", London, 22-11-1889
  • 1402.

    Telegrams from William Mackinnon to HMS, in code language, mainly about Emin Pasha ("biography"), s.l., April 1890 (5 pieces)
  • 1447.

    Letter [copy] from William Mackinnon to Lord Iddlesleigh, regarding a memorandum which suggests the organisation of a Committee to equip and send out a relief expedition to Emin Bey, s.l., 27-11-1886
  • 1743.

    Letter from Robert Bright Marston to HMS, concerning a work on Emin Pasha compiled by Dr. Schweinfurth and the uncle and guardian of Emin's daughter Ferida, Sampson Low, Marston & Co. (London), 04-08-1897
  • 1744.

    Letter from Edward Marston to HMS, "I do not think it likely that we shall get Emin's book", Sampson Low, Marston & Co. (London), 07-08-1897
  • 1897.

    Letter from William Hoffman to HMS, report on "What became of the Rebel soldiers of Emin", London, 25-02-1895
  • 1907.

    Letter from William Hoffman to HMS, telling him the "truth" how Emin Pasha got killed, Stanley Falls, 06-09-1896
  • 1922.

    Letter from William Hoffman to HMS, about his illness and financial trouble, his decision not to marry, outlining the reasons in his opinion for the rebellion of the soldiers on the Upper Congo, mentioning his having found the medicine chest of Emin Pasha, s.l., [c. September 1897]
  • 1923.

    Letter from HMS to William Hoffman, about Emin Pasha's medicine chest, dissuading him from going back to the Congo, possibility of going to South Africa as a servant, Puys, 09-09-1897
  • 2139.

    Letter from Florence Dixie to HMS, expressing her sympathy with Stanley's appeal to England not to permit the Congo "to be entered and taken possession of by a race totally unfitted to open up so splendid a field of commerce" and stressing "England's noble destiny to people the earth", Lyndale, Portree (Isle of Skye), 27-09-1883
  • 2146.

    Letter from Paul Belloni du Chaillu to HMS, inviting him for a dinner where they "can talk like good old bohemians", London, 11-05-1890