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22 archives found for 'Nelson, Robert Henry'
  • 66.

    LETTER BOOK, containing sponge paper copies, correspondence on the eve of the EPRE, mostly letters or telegrams sent by HMS and Sir Francis de Winton (Acting Secretary of the EPRE) (1886-1887), numbered 1-174 (incomplete), 4to

    Copy-letters/telegrams from Sir Francis de Winton to John Pender (1), George S. Mackenzie (5), Messrs. Kynoch & Sons (1), Messrs. Forrest & Son (1), Comte Paul de Borchgrave (2), William Mackinnon (3), William Bonny (1), Sir John Kirk (1), William Burdett-Coutts (1), Messrs. Gray, Dawes & Co. (3), Robert Arthington (2), Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson (1), Robert H. Nelson (1), manager Pacific Steamship Navigation Co. (1), Sec. of the Army and Navy Cooperative Society (1), Bywater, Tanqueray & Co. (1), Thomson (1), John Walker (1), Rowland Ward & Co. (1), Dr. Leslie (1), some addressees unknown, also "Memorandum by Sir Francis de Winton"; HMS to William G. Stairs (3), Edmund M. Barttelot (2), Sir Baker Russell (1), Baroness-Burdett-Coutts (2), Pearce Morrison (1), chamberlain of the City of London (1), Phil Robinson (1), Eric Barrington (1), William Mackinnon (12), John R. Troup (1), George S. Mackenzie (1), Sir Julian Pauncefote (1), General Hutchinson (1), J. W. Watson (1), Robert Arthington (1), Gray, Dawes & Co. (1), Robert H. Nelson (1), Hume Purdie (1), Messrs. Watson Bros. (1), Forest & Sons (1), Comte Paul de Borchgrave (2), Council Administring Congo Free State (1), some addressees illegible; also George S. Mackenzie to William Mackinnon (1), John Pender to HMS (1), extract from a letter to HMS from George S. Mackenzie, "List of goods (…) for shipment to Congo", "Instructions for Major Barttelot", "Instructions for Mr. [John R.] Troup and Mr. Ingham", note by James Augustus Grant, "Last instructions"
  • 6984.

    Photograph album The American Testimonial Banquet to Henry M. Stanley, 1890, with photographs of HMS, William G. Stairs, Thomas H. Parke
  • 4798.

    Contracts of Engagement of William Bonny, Edmund M. Barttelot, Robert H. Nelson, William G. Stairs, Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson, John Walker, Thomas H. Parke, Herbert Ward and James S. Jameson for the EPRE, January - May 1887 (9 pieces)
  • 4811.

    "Inquiry into the conduct of William Hoffman", signed by William Hoffmann and witnesses William G. Stairs, Thomas H. Parke, Robert H. Nelson and Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson, 7 pp., folio
  • 5209.

    Grave of Captain Robert Henry Nelson at Kikuyu, British East Africa, 8,9 x 11,7

    mounted on sheet
  • 608.

    Letter from Alexander Low Bruce to HMS, mentioning William Mackinnon's defence of the Established Church of Scotland, Captain Robert H. Nelson's application for East Africa, Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson's lecture for the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce on Uganda, on the Uganda railway, Imperial B, Abbey & Holyrood Breweries, Edinburgh, 19-01-1892
  • 1152.

    Letter from Robert H. Nelson to HMS, describing the stay at his forest camp, "surely we deserve a little better treatment than this", "Arab Village", 06-11-1887
  • 1153.

    Letter from Robert H. Nelson to HMS, mentioning an attempt to burn their hut, "Arab Village", 10-11-1887
  • 1154.

    Letter from Robert H. Nelson to HMS, "you may possibly be able to tell me if you will go to the show", London, 19-05-1890
  • 1155.

    Letter from Robert H. Nelson to HMS, inviting to stay with him in Leeds, Leeds, 25-04-1891
  • 1156.

    Letter from Robert H. Nelson to HMS, thanking for his letter to William Mackinnon, Leeds, 11-05-1891
  • 1157.

    Letter from Robert H. Nelson to HMS, requesting for a certificate of service with the EPRE, Leeds, 25-09-1891
  • 1158.

    Letter from Robert H. Nelson to HMS, thanking him for the certificate, revealing his financial trouble and his intention to marry, Leeds, 28-09-1891
  • 1159.

    Letter from Robert H. Nelson to Mrs. Stead, asking to use her influence in convincing Stanley to take him with the EPRE, Leeds, 16-12-1886
    Note: With two copies of certificates of Robert H. Nelson's service in South Africa
  • 1160.

    Letter from Louisa Nelson (sister of Robert H. Nelson) to HMS, on the death of Robert Nelson, London, 19-01-1893
  • 1161.

    Letter from Louisa Nelson (sister of Robert H. Nelson) to HMS, requesting for Dr. MacPherson, London, 19-02-1893
  • 1162.

    Letter from Henry Nelson (father of Robert H. Nelson) to HMS, thanking him for his souvenir, London, 21-01-1893
  • 1163.

    Letter from Thomas H. Parke to HMS, mentioning the arrival of Nelson and Jephson at his camp, describing the "very unhappy state of affairs for us who shall have to remain here for so long a time", "Arab Camp", 06-11-1887
  • 1195.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to HMS, account of the relief of Robert H. Nelson, Arab Settlement, 04-11-1887
  • 1417.

    Letter from William Mackinnon to HMS, regarding a draft report about the EPRE, possible employment for Robert H. Nelson in East Africa, the recruitment of Zanzibaris for William G. Stairs, "our officials are not dealing as kindly with the King's [Leopold II] operation as they should", London, 27-05-1891
  • 1418.

    Letter from HMS to William Mackinnon, deploring Mackinnon's alleged assistance of "a notorious blackmailer in the person of the slanderous negro George Williams (Colonel)", and regretting his having permitted a clerk in his office "to draw up and print a pamphlet which virtually condemned me, Swansea, 06-06-1891
  • 1470.

    Letter from George S. Mackenzie to HMS, inviting him to a bachelor dinner, London, 04-12-1892