Bantu Lexical Reconstructions 3

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MAIN k&am H (V) squeeze; wring
1689   presser pour extraire; tordre; traire
  Total Distribution: Regions: 5: NW SW Ce NE SE Zones: 15: B C D E F G H J K L M N P R S
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MAIN 1689 k&am H V squeeze; wring B C D E F G H J K L M N P R S
DER 1691 k&amUd H V wring; squeeze B C F G H J K L N R S
DER 1698 k&amat H V seize J S
DER 8230 k&amantan H V coagulate, intr. L M
DER 8231 k&amId`o H_L N 9 milking vessel E S
DER 8234 k&ama H_ N 1 chief, master J
DER 8235 k&amUd H V seize C L
INC 1688 k&am H V milk
INC 1690 k&am H V squeeze
INC 1692 k&amUd H V squeeze
VAR 1697 k`amat L V seize C G E H R
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MAIN 1693 k&am H V dry; dry up, intr. B C D F H J L M N
8221 cam V catch, grasp in flying J