History and Politics

We are a centre specialising in the history and socio-political analysis of 19th to 21st century Central Africa, in its past and present relations with Belgium and the world.

We carry out scientific research projects and disseminate their findings, promote our collections and offer our expertise to a broad public.


Scientific personnel

  • Patricia Van Schuylenbergh, Historian
    Colonial history, environmental history, natural heritage, fauna history, history of representations (colonial film), DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi
  • Anne Cornet, Historian
    Colonial history, history of health, gender issues, colonial justice issues, Rwanda, DR Congo, Burundi
  • Maarten Couttenier, Historian
    Colonial history, African history, history of human sciences, museum history, DR Congo, Europe
  • Mathilde Leduc, Historian
    Colonial and post-colonial African history, history of exploration, postal history, DRC

Technical and administrative staff

Academic publications
  • Cahiers africains: collection of peer-review works, published in collaboration with L’Harmattan (Paris), on the political and social changes in Central Africa

    Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale: yearly publication of the Centre belge de Référence pour l’Expertise sur l’Afrique centrale (CRE-AC aisbl), the Institut de Politique du Développement (IOB), the University of Antwerp and the Royal Museum for Central Africa, in collaboration with the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL). This sub-series of the Cahiers africains offers an in-depth analysis of the contemporary political, economic and social dynamics in  Central Africa.
  • Outre-Mers: a collection published with P.I.E. Peter Lang, containing monographs, the findings of collective research, document publications and working tools concerning relations between Europe and overseas, particularly Africa.
    For manuscript proposals, contact:
    Patricia Van Schuylenbergh
    +32 2 769 52 76
Students and doctoral students

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