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(G. Forst.) Oerst.

Familia: Nothofagaceae
Other familia: Fagaceae
Species name according to: Skrifter Udgivne af Videnskabs-Selskabet i Christiana. Mathematisk-naturvidenskabelig Klass 5(9): 354. 1871.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Fagus antarctica G. Forst.; Fagus antarctica var. bicrenata A. DC.; Fagus antarctica var. palustris Albov; Fagus antarctica var. subalpina Albov; Fagus antarctica var. sublobada A. DC.; Fagus antarctica var. uliginosa A. DC.;
Features and microscopic photographs from Inside Wood database
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Antarctic Beech english Europe Boeijink (1992)
Antarctische Scheinbuche german Boeijink (1992)
Antarktische Südbuche german wiki
Antarktisk Sydbøg danish wiki
haya antártica spanish http://nothofagus.free.fr/taxonomie.htm
Hêtre de I'Antarctique french Europe Boeijink (1992)
Hêtre de Magellan french Europe Boeijink (1992)
keterna yagán Tierra del Fuego http://nothofagus.free.fr/taxonomie.htm
ñire spanish Argentina, Chile http://nothofagus.free.fr/taxonomie.htm
Nirre english Europe Boeijink (1992)
ñirre spanish Chile, Argentina http://nothofagus.free.fr/taxonomie.htm
Pfennig-Buche german Boeijink (1992)
Roble de la Tierre Del Fuego spanish Coster (1993)
Roble de Magellanos spanish Coster (1993)
Roble de Montana spanish Coster (1993)
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