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7 archives found for 'Ambella, Virginia'
  • 2.

    JOURNAL "1868 Journal" (1868-1870), marbled paper sides, ink, 123 pp., two excised, notably 18-22 October 1868, 4to (22,6 x 17,8)

    Beginning with a summary of 1867 and Stanley's activities in the American West as a newspaper correspondent (3 pp.), and continuing with a journal from January 1st 1868 (Liverpool) till March 16th 1870 (Odessa) containing a full account of the Abyssinian war and the siege of Magdala, his several stays in Egypt, personal accounts of his relation with Virginia Ambella, the Cretan rebellion, the Spanish revolution, etc.
  • 27.

    COPY BOOK (May - June 1874), 46 pp., incomplete, 8vo

    Copy-letters from HMS, written at the Langham Hotel, London, to Robert Rae, Sec. National Temperance League (1), Joseph J. Green (1), J. Housden (1), Jeffrey, Major College Oxford (1), Lieut. Cecil Murphy, Royal Artillery, Aden (1), Joseph Wiggins (1), Nick Nelson (1), "my dear Larrie" (1), Virginia Ambella (1), John Spencer Longden (1), Alice Pike (2), J. R. Partridge (1), Rev. John Conder (1), George Albert Henty (1), A. B. Swinburne (1), Jasper Smith, U.S. Consul Funchal (1), Arthur Laing (1), Agnes Livingstone (1), Richard R. Holmes, Librarian to Her Majesty (1), Messrs. Chapman & Hall (1), William Blackwood & Son, Publishers (1), Smith & Elder (1), Edward Marston (1), Miss Heilbron (1) and John Messenger (1)
  • 1519.

    Letter from Edward Marston to HMS, about the attacks upon Stanley because of the Bumbireh incident, informing him of the marriage of Alice Pike, enclosing a letter from "a young lady in Greece" [Virginia Ambella] handed to him by Dr. Heinrich Schliemann, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington (London), 25-09-1877
  • 1524.

    Letter from Edward Marston to HMS, complaining that "although I have written you many letters during your long absence, not one of them has ever, or will ever reach you", informing of his having received letters by Alice Pike and "your little Greek friend [Virginia Ambella]", on Stanley's, Sampson Low, Marston, Low and Searle (London), 11-12-1877
  • 1525.

    Letter from Edward Marston to HMS, about a negative article in the Daily News, accusations of cruelty towards Stanley, asking him first to come home and write his book [Through the Dark Continent] "and then for the Maid of Athens [Virginia Ambella]!", Sampson Low, Marston, Low and Searle (London), 14-12-1877
  • 141.

    Letters from the parents and brothers of Virginia Ambella to HMS, s.l., 1868-1869 (2 pieces)
  • 142.

    Letters from Virginia Ambella to HMS, s.l., 1877 (2 pieces)