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2 archives found for 'Danckelmann'
  • 2075.

    Letter from Harry Hamilton Johnston to HMS, mentioning his "somewhat indiscreet line of conduct as regards the fairer sex" and his being attacked by a light form of gonorrhoea, about his disagreeable stay at Vivi Station and allegations towards him by von Danckelmann, informing him of a request fo, Vivi, 24-05-1883
  • 2076.

    Letter from Harry Hamilton Johnston to HMS, on his disagreeable complaint [i.e. gonorrhoea] having reached a painful stage, his meeting at Banana with the so-called American Consul du Vergé, mentioning a "pleasure trip" by Danckelmann into the interior, his visit to the Governor General of Angola, "Off Banana, on board S.S. Portugal", 17-06-1883