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8 archives found for 'Farran, Assad'
  • 5648.

    "Stanley's Rear Column. Assad Farran's affidavit"; "Mr. [William] Bonny and the cannibal story"; letters to the Editor, The Times, 14-11-1890
  • 5655.

    "The charges against Stanley's Rear Guard. Fac-simile of Assad Farran's sworn statement", supplement to the Daily Graphic, 27-11-1890
  • 7003.

    MUSTER AND PAY BOOK of the Daily Telegraph and New York Herald Exploring Expedition to Central Africa (1874-77), notebook, ink, marbled boards, 8vo
  • 4812.

    "Our life at Yambuya camp in Africa from 22nd June 1887 to June 8th 1888"; signed by interpreter on the EPRE Assad Farran and three witnesses, 12 pp., 4to
  • 4814.

    Memorandum [typewritten copy] by P. L. McDermott of a conversation with the interpreter on the EPRE Assad Farran, 26-09-1888
  • 4815.

    Typewritten copy of the "false testimony" of the interpreter on the EPRE Assad Farran against James S. Jameson, s.d.
  • 1335.

    Letter [typewritten copy] from Edmund M. Barttelot to William Mackinnon, informing him of his return to Tippu Tip [at Stanley Falls], on the allegations by Assad Farran against James S. Jameson, Singatini, 08[sic, 05]-07-1888
  • 1340.

    Letter from Assad Farran (interpreter on the EPRE) to [?], regarding the charge of abetting cannibalism against James S. Jameson, the order given to him by Sir Francis de Winton to sign a declaration that the story was untrue, Cairo, 15-01-1890