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10 archives found for 'Harper's'
  • 4436.

    Theodore Stanton, Harper & Brothers, Paris, 15-04-1902
  • 6290.

    Letters from Harper & Brothers to Dorothy Tennant, regarding the publication of Stanley's Autobiography, 1905-1906, s.l. (4 pieces)
  • 6799.

    Royalties for books by HMS, in account with Harper & Brothers Publishers, 30-06-1905, New York
  • 4765.

    Agreement on behalf of Harper & Brothers, Publishers, "to purchase from Mr. H. M. Stanley his forthcoming work Through the Dark Continent for publication in the United States (…)"; signed by Sampson Low, London, 28-02-1878
  • 3830.

    Henry M. Alden, Harper & Brothers' Editorial Rooms, New York, 23-06-1892
  • 1517.

    Letter from Edward Marston to HMS, regarding the agreement with Harper's, complaining about the fact that the best bargain is always made by Stanley's "Yankee friends", Sampson Low, Marston, Low and Searle (London), 24-04-1874
  • 1528.

    Letter from Sampson Low to HMS, deploring that "you do not consider my arrangements on behalf of the Messrs. Harper's to be the publishers of your Book [Through the Dark Continent] in America", Publishers Circular Office, London, 28-01-1878
  • 1544.

    Letter from Sampson Low to HMS, regarding the settlement with Messrs. Harper & Brothers for Stanley's new book [Through the Dark Continent], Sampson Low, Marston, Low and Searle (London), 24-06-1878
  • 1584.

    Letter from Edward Marston to HMS, agreeing with the title Stanley selected [for The Congo and the Founding of its Free State], regarding the arrangement with Messrs. Harper's, Sampson Low, Marston, Low and Searle (London), 22-01-1885
  • 1599.

    Letter from Edward Marston to HMS, concerning Stanley's new valet Zerilli, offers for publication of In Darkest Africa by Webster & Co., Harper & Brothers and Scribner's, offers in other European countries, proposal by the Graphic, shilling edition of Stanley's letters, urging him to hurr, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington (London), 12-12-1889