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21 archives found for 'Salisbury, Lord'
  • 4092.

    Lord Salisbury, s.l., 22-07-1895
  • 4148.

    Lord Salisbury, London, 05-03-1896 [with env.]
  • 5425.

    "Lord Salisbury and Mr. Stanley" [letter to the Editor from Cymro], Liverpool Post, 10-06-1890
  • 5444.

    [Stanley's attacks on the Foreign Office and Lord Salisbury], Whitehall Review, 14-06-1890
  • 5465.

    "[Lord] Salisbury Vs. Stanley", Morning Post, 17-06-1890
  • 5478.

    "Mr. Stanley on Lord Salisbury's bargain", The Pall Mall Gazette, 20-06-1890
  • 5479.

    "England and Africa. Mr. Stanley on Lord Salisbury's policy", The Daily Telegraph, 20-06-1890
  • 5512.

    [Cartoon Stanley with Lord Salisbury], Fun, 02-07-1890
  • 5556.

    "The Anglo-German agreement in Parliament. Lord Salisbury's defence in the House of Lords", The Pall Mall Gazette, 11-07-1890
  • 5609.

    "Mr. Shimei Stanley Blesses Lord Salisbury", Review of Reviews, July 1890
  • 5871.

    "Lord Salisbury's policy in Africa", [?], s.d.
  • 6905.

    Letter from HMS to E. Bruce-Low, about the Nyassa Railway, suggesting to draw up a statement for Lord Salisbury in a petitionary form of the grievances of the residents of Nyassa Land, 04-05-1899, London
  • 4606.

    Letter from Lord Salisbury to Lady Knutsford, "I arrived this afternoon & will prevent Mr. Stanley with pleasure", s.l., 12-[ ]-[ ]
  • 3482.

    Lord Salisbury, London, 22-04-1890 [Telegram]
  • 387.

    Letters [with envelop] from Dorothy Tennant to HMS, mentioning Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall's view on "the difficulties with our Colonies", on Stanley becoming president of a Sport Committee, the marriage of Sir Edwin Arnold with a Japanese woman, Denzil's cleverness, reminiscences by Willingham Gell of Stanley, s.l., 26/27/28/29-10-1897
  • 4822.

    Correspondence respecting Mr. Stanley's Expedition for the Relief of Emin Pasha. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty, London, February 1890, 17 pp.

    Contains letters from Colonel Euan-Smith to the Marquis of Salisbury, Zanzibar, 28-12-1889 [with enclosed Report by HMS describing the proceedings of the EPRE]; Foreign Office to Colonel Euan-Smith, Foreign Office, 31-01-1889. With inscription in Stanley
  • 1404.

    Letter from William Mackinnon to HMS, asking him on behalf of Lord Salisbury for a little map "showing as accurately as possible the ground covered by your treaties", informing him of the approval of the Congo agreement by the Board of the IBEAC, London, 12-05-1890
  • 1408.

    Letter from William Mackinnon to HMS, enclosing a note from John R. Troup, "my object is if possible to preserve good feeling among all the members of your Staff (…)", mentioning an interview he had with Lord Salisbury about the delimitation of spheres, London, 04-06-1890
  • 2235.

    Letter from Leonard K. Wilson to HMS, mentioning a dinner with Count Werner van den Steen de Jehay, Palais Royal, Brussels, 08-08-1891
    Note: Enclosed copy of a letter from Sydney Buxton to Lord Salisbury, about Leonard K. Wilson prosecuting his studies at Oxford with advantage and credit, London, 01-08-1891
  • 2459.

    Correspondence HMS with Lord Salisbury, regarding the conferment of the Grand Cross of the Bath, s.l., May - June 1899 (2 pieces)
  • 2530.

    Letter [draft] from HMS to Rev. J. Tolefree Parr, defending Lord Salisbury's policy on the Turkish atrocities in Armenia, [Neath (South Wales)], [26-09-1896]