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4 archives found for 'Schweinfurth, Dr. Georg August'
  • 1331.

    Letter from Edmund M. Barttelot to HMS, about his meetings with Wilhelm Junker, Dr. Georg August Schweinfurth, Sir Francis Grenfell and Sir Evelyn Baring, Cairo, 26-01-1887
  • 1743.

    Letter from Robert Bright Marston to HMS, concerning a work on Emin Pasha compiled by Dr. Schweinfurth and the uncle and guardian of Emin's daughter Ferida, Sampson Low, Marston & Co. (London), 04-08-1897
  • 2046.

    Letter from James Augustus Grant to HMS, requesting of him to "undertake to connect the Zambezi with the Uelle of Georg August Schweinfurth with the view of ascertaining whether this route is practicable for an overland line of telegraph between the Cape and Egypt", London, 07-06-1878
  • 2146.

    Letter from Paul Belloni du Chaillu to HMS, inviting him for a dinner where they "can talk like good old bohemians", London, 11-05-1890