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20 archives found for 'Kirk, John'
  • 2951.

    John Kirk, The British Agency & Consulate General, Zanzibar, 02-12-1877
  • 3874.

    John Kirk, Sevenoaks, 08-12-1892
  • 4356.

    John Kirk, Ragged School Union, London, 31-06-1899
  • 4390.

    John Kirk, Sevenoaks, 04-05-1900
  • 12.

    JOURNAL (Zanzibar, 15 May 1872 - New York, 22 November 1872), marbled paper sides, ink, 95 pp., 4to (22,5 x 17,5)

    Stanley’s preparations in Zanzibar for the ‘Young Livingstone’s Relief Expedition’ and his way back to England; accounts of his relation with John Kirk, the British consul in Zanzibar, and with Oswell Livingstone, the son of David Livingstone, in Zanzibar and the Seychelles; Stanley’s equivocal welcome in London, long accounts of his address to the British. Association in Brighton, his reception by Queen Victoria, etc.; loose press cutting inserted (April 1882) about Stanley’s family; also a letter (draft?) from HMS to Rev. Horace Waller, [July 1872], informing him “that I bring Livingstone’s letters to London”
  • 66.

    LETTER BOOK, containing sponge paper copies, correspondence on the eve of the EPRE, mostly letters or telegrams sent by HMS and Sir Francis de Winton (Acting Secretary of the EPRE) (1886-1887), numbered 1-174 (incomplete), 4to

    Copy-letters/telegrams from Sir Francis de Winton to John Pender (1), George S. Mackenzie (5), Messrs. Kynoch & Sons (1), Messrs. Forrest & Son (1), Comte Paul de Borchgrave (2), William Mackinnon (3), William Bonny (1), Sir John Kirk (1), William Burdett-Coutts (1), Messrs. Gray, Dawes & Co. (3), Robert Arthington (2), Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson (1), Robert H. Nelson (1), manager Pacific Steamship Navigation Co. (1), Sec. of the Army and Navy Cooperative Society (1), Bywater, Tanqueray & Co. (1), Thomson (1), John Walker (1), Rowland Ward & Co. (1), Dr. Leslie (1), some addressees unknown, also "Memorandum by Sir Francis de Winton"; HMS to William G. Stairs (3), Edmund M. Barttelot (2), Sir Baker Russell (1), Baroness-Burdett-Coutts (2), Pearce Morrison (1), chamberlain of the City of London (1), Phil Robinson (1), Eric Barrington (1), William Mackinnon (12), John R. Troup (1), George S. Mackenzie (1), Sir Julian Pauncefote (1), General Hutchinson (1), J. W. Watson (1), Robert Arthington (1), Gray, Dawes & Co. (1), Robert H. Nelson (1), Hume Purdie (1), Messrs. Watson Bros. (1), Forest & Sons (1), Comte Paul de Borchgrave (2), Council Administring Congo Free State (1), some addressees illegible; also George S. Mackenzie to William Mackinnon (1), John Pender to HMS (1), extract from a letter to HMS from George S. Mackenzie, "List of goods (…) for shipment to Congo", "Instructions for Major Barttelot", "Instructions for Mr. [John R.] Troup and Mr. Ingham", note by James Augustus Grant, "Last instructions"
  • 6400.

    John Kirk, 20-12-1909, London
  • 6581.

    John Kirk, 04-06-1890, Ragged School Union, London
  • 6668.

    John Kirk, 19-01-1900, Sevenoaks
  • 6925.

    Letter from HMS to James Gordon Bennett Jr., informing him of his arrival at Zanzibar, complaining about the absence of letters and pecuniary assistance, describing his interviews with American Consul Webb and British Consul John Kirk, concluding "that it is my duty to go after him [Livingstone] to meet him, to interview him, & to do something in the way of exploration myself", with a list of expenses to Ujiji and back, calculated for one year, 17-01-1871, Zanzibar Town, Zanzibar Island
  • 3305.

    John Kirk, Wavertree, Sevenoaks, 27-01-1887
  • 477.

    Letter from David Livingstone to [?], "I have been subjected to so much loss by the employment of slaves in caravans sent by HM Consul [John Kirk] that if Mr. Stanley meets another party of the sort I beg him to turn them back but use his discretion (…)", Unyanyembe, 14-03-1872
  • 504.

    Letter from Agnes Livingstone to HMS, thanking him for the copy of his "beautiful book" [How I Found Livingstone], mentioning two Expeditions being sent out to her father ("is it not too late to send them now, especially as you gave Papa all that he needed?"), her confession in a letter to h, Milton of Campsie, 25-11-1872
  • 647.

    Letter from John Kirk to HMS, regarding the Livingstone Memorial, Sevenoaks, 12-12-1899
  • 999.

    Letters from Alfred Rabaud to HMS, about Stanley's fear of Dr. John Kirk creating obstacles to him at Zanzibar, offering the services of his agent Henri Greffulhe, s.l., February 1879 (2 pieces)
  • 2471.

    Letter [typewritten draft, pencil corrections] from HMS to Alex F. Shepherd, mentioning his having found Livingstone, confirming allegations by Captain Fraser against John Kirk, "a jealous and vindictive enemy to Livingstone", "Homeward Bound Between Seychelles & Aden. Str. Mei-Kong", 14-07-1872
  • 2480.

    Letter [copy] from HMS to John Kirk, regarding claims for payment by survivors of Livingstone's last journey, [Zanzibar], [01-12-1877]
  • 2647.

    William Lockyer Merewether, Kurrachee, 21-09-1870
  • 2655.

    Francis R. Webb, Zanzibar, 16-07-1871
  • 2659.

    John F. Webb, Zanzibar, 30-04-1872