Du Présent au Passé

Nouvelles approches de la longue histoire de l'Afrique centrale


Alexandre Livingstone Smith

The history of Central Africa is long and rich. To study that history, scientists of the museum and of other research institutes work in multidisciplinary teams, involving archaeologists, botanists, linguists, historians, zoologists, etc. This lecture offers an overview of the work of researchers who are passionate about African history.



About the speaker

Alexandre Livingstone Smith studied Art History and Archaeology at the Université libre de Bruxelles. After a research visit in Oxford at the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art (1990-1992), he returned to Belgium to take part in salvage excavations along the railroad line of the TGV. He then did a PhD on pottery technology in sub-Saharan Africa at the ULB in 1996. Afterwards he was involved in several research projects at the RMCA. He has been a member of the Heritage Studies service of the RMCA since 2008.



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Foyer, on level -1 of the Welcome Pavilion (building A on the map)

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