De l’identité belgo-congolaise

Identité, langue et culture chez les jeunes de la deuxième génération de migration congolaise en Belgique


Priscilla Kasongo Dioso

The experience of migration can cause identity and/or language disturbances. In order to manage these disturbances, migrants can be led to develop strategies. These strategies were at the heart of Priscilla Kasongo's doctoral research, carried out at the Catholic University of Louvain between 2014 and 2020.

During her thesis, she analysed the language practices of young people of the second generation of Congolese migration (D.R. Congo) in Belgium, in order to identify the identity strategies they put in place, and to establish the profiles corresponding to these strategies.

During this communication, Priscilla Kasongo will present her research results, in particular the intercultural identity construction schema that she has constructed, a schema in which the Belgian-Congolese identity is central and broken down into several sub-profiles (radical or multicultural, convergent or divergent).


About the speaker

Recently graduated from the Catholic University of Louvain, Dr Priscilla Kasongo Dioso is mainly interested in intercultural issues related to the Congolese diasporas (D.R. Congo) in the world, more particularly in their identity, language and sociolinguistic aspects.

Her publications at Éditions L'Harmattan and Éditions Universitaires Européennes bear witness to this. In addition, her documentary, produced in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Be Pax, explores the theme of the transnational activities of the Belgian-Congolese:



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