Guided tour history

for adults

On this fascinating guided tour, the museum’s collections give you and your group an insight into the long history of Central Africa.

Although the building is a reminder of colonisation, the history of Central Africa starts much earlier.
The fossilised tooth of an anthropoid establishes the earliest presence of our ancestors on the African continent, millions of years ago. The continuous expansion of human activity in the region is also abundantly illustrated with the aid of tools, art objects, weapons and other (paleo-) archaeological discoveries. 

Through this impressive collection, an experienced guide introduces you to some of the most powerful Central African kingdoms, and discusses the encounters and subsequent trading relationships between African and European rulers from the 15th century onwards. Central to this is the international slave trade.

Next,  you take a comprehensive look at the colonial period, discovering current social and scientific insights.  

The tour ends with a look at the current Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, and the challenges and possibilities that these states face in the immediate future.   


This tour will always include the following galleries:

  • Long History
  • Colonial History
  • The Resource Paradox

Are you coming with a big group? No problem: several groups can start the tour at the same time.

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Or if you’d prefer some fresh air, head for the adjacent park.

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