Conversation cards for adults (in Dutch)

Would you like to chat with your friends in the museum? These conversation cards will help you get started! 
Huit objets du musée avec les questions qui s'y rapportent alimenteront la conversation.

Gesprekskaart Masolo 1

Gesprekskaart Masolo 2


Gesprekskaart Masolo 4

Gesprekskaart Masolo 5

Gesprekskaart Masolo 6

Masolo gesprekskaart 7

Masolo gesprekskaart 8

* Masolo means "conversation" in Lingala, one of the languages of DR Congo.


Download the conversation cards (in Dutch) by clicking on the pictures. 


Practical information:

  • 8 conversation cards, each one based on objects in the museum.
  • Can be used by individual visitors or as part of the interactive tour.
  • Can be downloaded by clicking on the pictures. Also available at the entrance desk. 
  • In Dutch only.