Après la colonisation : chercher la vérité et la réparation

Nanette Snoep, Gillian Mathys & Anne Wetsi Mpoma

Moderator: David Van Reybrouck

Until 6 March 2022, the AfricaMuseum is hosting the exhibition Human Zoo. The age of colonial exhibitions. Several European countries are conducting a debate on colonisation and decolonisation. In response to the Black Lives Matter protests, Belgium set up a Parliamentary Commission 'colonial past' in 2020, also known as the 'Congo Commission'. A year later, a group of ten experts published a first report.

What are the most important conclusions of the experts' report? How can former colonial powers develop a reparations policy? What role should African countries and the diaspora play in the search for historical truths and reparations?

On Wednesday 19 January 2022, writer David Van Reybrouck (Congo. Een geschiedenis) holds a discussion with Nanette Snoep (director of the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Germany), historian Gillian Mathys (Ghent University) and art historian Anne Wetsi Mpoma (Wetsi Art Gallery). Mathys and Wetsi are members of the expert group of the Parliamentary Commission in Belgium.

As part of the exhibition Human Zoo. The age of colonial exhibitions, the AfricaMuseum presents a series of discussions on the exhibition, (de)colonisation and (anti)racism.

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7:30 p.m.
About 1.5 hours
In French

Free but registration is mandatory.