Photographic reproductions

Existing images:

  • Images (jpg-format) of archive files in public domain can already be downloaded directly from  Tiff files for professional use can be ordered on request via the order form below.
  • Existing photographs of collection pieces and scans of historical photo collections can be requested free of charge via the order form below.  By default the images will be delivered in jpg format. For professional use Tiff files can also be requested (to be specified in the order form).

Non existing images:

Images that are not yet available can be produced and supplied for a fee. For this, too, the order form below must be filled in.

Rates for production costs of new images*:

Digital studio-shot (price per image in jpg and/or tiff format)

  • € 150

Digital scan of photographs or archives (at least 300 dpi)

  • Normal format - A4 to A2 (price per inventory-/archivenumber in jpg and/or tiff format, with a maximum of 50 scans).
    •  € 50
    • More than 50 scans of the same inventory-/archivenumber at € 1 per supplementary scan.
  • Large format - A2 to A0 (price per inventory-/archivenumber in jpg and/or tiff format, with a maximum of 10 scans).
    • € 50
    • More than 10 scans of the same inventory-/archivenumber at € 5 per supplementary scan

Digital studio-shot or scan requiring restauration, transport, extra infrastructure or equipment

  • On request (based on real costs).

For questions about ordering images, please contact

*These rates apply to any production of new images, also in the event of replacement of an existing image that the applicant considers inappropriate.



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  • Image requests are processed in order of receipt by the Repro Secretariat. For reproduction requests of existing image material, the maximum delivery time is 3 weeks. If the request also/only concerns new studio shots, the maximum delivery time may be as long as three months and the delivery will only take place after receipt of payment of the costs.
  • Any use of a reproduction of a collection item of the RMCA Tervuren must always be accompanied by an identification which will mention in a standardized manner the RMCA Tervuren, the inventory number and the copyright status. These obligatory identifications will be supplied with the reproductions.
  • If the RMCA itself is not the holder of the copyright of a protected work, it is up to the applicant to comply with copyright legislation (and, if necessary, to obtain permission for use/publication). The RMCA Tervuren indemnifies itself against any claim by third parties concerning the copyrights or any other rights on works of which reproductions are supplied to the applicant.
  • If the RMCA Tervuren itself holds the copyright on a protected work, the applicant must obtain permission for use/publication from the RMCA Tervuren.  This permission will generally be obtained via CC-BY license (
  • The applicant shall, if applicable, provide one free copy of each publication or publication edition for which the image is used to the RMCA, Department of Collection and Archive Management, Secretariat Repro, Leuvensesteenweg 13, 3080 Tervuren, Belgium or (for digital publications, ebooks, etc.).