Photographs of the expedition of Charles Lemaire (1898-1900)

Theme: headdress, clothing/ornament, dwelling/house, hut
Photographer: François Léopold Michel (°1855 - †1932)
Patron: Charles François Alexandre Lemaire (°1863 - †1925)
Place of production: Democratic Republic of the Congo > Katanga
Legend: Apart from physical anthropological measurement, photography was also used to provide an overview of the various 'races' in Congo. Special attention was paid to physical traits such as filed teeth, 'tattoos’, hair styles and head deformations, which were assumed to offer the basis of a racial classification. Later on it turned out that no physical trait could be of use for such a division.
Original legend: Coiffures de femmes au village N'Gobo.
Inventory number: AP.0.0.1227