The sculptures of Jane Tercafs (1898-1944)

Title: The sculptures of Jane Tercafs (1898-1944)
Producer: Jane Tercafs (°1898 - †1944)
Materials: rocks > marble
Theme: portrait
Legend: This extremely pure sculpture was reproduced in several scientific or prestigious publications. This is one of Jane Tercafs' masterpieces. Odani was one of the artist's favourite models. Is this really a portrait of Odani or another model? Did she improve on or idealise Odani's features? Odani (or Odane) was the daughter of Atoro, a priest, and of one of the wives of Niapu, chief of the Medje-Mangbetu, Tercafs claimed.
Inscription: Tête de garçon mangbetu
Date of acquisition: 1946-12-23
Dimensions: 45 cm x 15 cm x 27 cm
Technique: sculpt > sculpt - carve
Inventory number: HO.0.1.461