The work of the painter Léon Dardenne

Title: The work of the painter Léon Dardenne
Producer: Léon Louis Auguste Edouard Dardenne (°1865 - †1912)
Theme: flora
Legend: The album on the fauna and flora of the regions crossed by the scientific mission of Katanga contained 120 aquarelles plus a drawing by Léon Dardenne and 10 water-colours by Louis Questiaux (1869-1945). In the album, Léon Dardenne said the following about the branch of a small shrub: "Found near the river M'bisa. Exists throughout the country". Dardenne's annotations will be of interest to botanists and experts in the flora of Katanga.
Date of acquisition: 1965-01-10
Dimensions: 42 cm x 31 cm
Technique: graphic arts > mixed technique > pencil - aquarelle
Inventory number: HO.0.1.1079-9