Reality and fiction in ethnographic photography of the 1950s

Theme: dance/masked dance, headdress, clothing/ornament, religious life, rites and beliefs, village sceneries
Photographer: Henri Goldstein (°1920)
Patron: Inforcongo
Place of production: Democratic Republic of the Congo > Province Orientale > Tshopo
Culture: Lombi
Legend: Men performing the closing dance that is part of the circumcision ceremony in traditional costume. There is great interest in the event of the local population. The official photographers of the colonial state liked portraying these performances and often provided the necessary ‘sponsoring’ to have them carried out.
Original legend: Danse des meneganza ceux qui président aux rites de la circoncision, danse de clôture, birs du retour au village des jeunes gens nouvellement circoncis pour chaque circoncision en chaque village un meneganza est élu par les anciens Ces cérémonies sont d'origine Komo.
Inventory number: EP.0.0.13030