Denise Maheho in residence

September & December 2018
Picture of Denise Maheho

Denise Maheho is a journalist from Radio Okapi in the city of Lubumbashi, DRC.

“I had the opportunity to be the first participant of the Residence for Journalists project at the RMCA. For more than ten days, I met not only the institute’s scientists, but also Congolese artists and scientists conducting research at the museum. This residency has given me the chance to learn about the RMCA’s projects in the DRC. I also participated in a conference called ''Sharing the Past and the Future: Building a Common Future between Africa and Europe''. It was a great experience to listen to discussions on, for instance, the decolonization of the Museum, or the restitution or sharing of ethnographic objects kept in museums. Very fascinating.”

Denise Maheho has been working at the museum for two weeks in September as a journalist-in-residence.

Listen to some of her radio emissions for Radio Okapi (in French):