Support the RMCA

Private individuals

Provide financial support to the museum's projects and help it achieve its missions. Your donations are invested in conservation, restoration, promotional activities, and scientific research

Whatever the amount, your support is invaluable. Examples of donations:

  • €10 will buy a lamp for lighting an object.
  • € 20 allows the museum to purchase a jar for the storage of a scientific natural history sample.
  • € 40 will buy a product to restore a mask.
  • €100 will enable the organisation of a guided tour for disadvantaged children.
  •  € 100 allows the museum to preserve a scientific natural history sample in ethanol, including the following necessary steps: jar, preservation fluid, fixation


Make a bequest
To make a bequest, you must write a will that meets certain conditions. 
Visit the websites or (in FR)

Make a donation
You can make a tax-deductible donation. This also provides the guarantee that your money is used as intended.

You will receive a tax certificate for all donations of €40 or more.