New exhibition: Human Zoo. The age of colonial exhibitions

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Guido Gryseels, Pascal Blanchard, Maarten Couttenier, Mathieu Zana Etambala, Teddy Mazina, Salomé Ysebaert & Marie-Reine Iyumva

Moderator: Katrien Vanderschoot


Did you know that 125 years ago, Congolese individuals were put on display in Tervuren’s Warande park? The new temporary exhibition highlights the phenomenon of persons presented as living exhibits. Did this involve Black individuals only? What impact did human zoos have on our current view? Why is the AfricaMuseum presenting this exhibit?

Katrien Vanderschoot (VRT journalist) holds a discussion with Guido Gryseels (AfricaMuseum director), curators and historians Pascal Blanchard (Groupe de recherche Achac), Maarten Couttenier and Mathieu Zana Etambala (AfricaMuseum), artist Teddy Mazina and exhibition team members Salomé Ysebaert and Marie-Reine Iyumva (AfricaMuseum).  

As part of the exhibition Human Zoo. The age of colonial exhibitions, the AfricaMuseum presents a series of discussions on the exhibition, (de)colonisation and (anti)racism.

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7:30 p.m.


in Dutch and French