Tervuren Xylarium Wood Database

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Familia: Fagaceae
Species name according to: The Gardeners Dictionary: . . . eighth edition no. 1. 1768.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Features and microscopic photographs from Inside Wood database
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Ægte kastanie danish http://www.liberherbarum.com
ægte kastanje danish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Anadolu kestanesi turkish wiki
Castagnié french Europe Boeijink (1992)
Castagno italian Coster (1993)
Castagno comune italian http://www.liberherbarum.com
castanheira portuguese wiki
castanheira portuguesa portuguese Brazil wiki
Castanheiro portuguese wiki
Castanheiro galician http://www.zonaverde.net/
castanheiro-bravo portuguese wiki
Castaño spanish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Castanul comestibil romanian wiki
Castanyer catalan http://www.zonaverde.net/
Châtaignier french http://www.liberherbarum.com
Echte Kastanie german Boeijink (1992)
Edel-Kastanie german Boeijink (1992)
édes gesztenye hungarian http://www.liberherbarum.com
English Chestnut english Coster (1993)
Esskastanie german Boeijink (1992)
Ess-Kastanie german Boeijink (1992)
European Chestnut english Coster (1993)
evropski slovenian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Gaztaiñondo basque http://www.zonaverde.net/
harilik kastanipuu estonian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Kastanienbaum german Coster (1993)
Kasztan polish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Kasztan jadalny polish http://www.liberherbarum.com
žlahtni kostanj slovenian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Marone german Boeijink (1992)
Marronnier french Coster (1993)
pravi slovenian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Schabalut Iran http://delta-intkey.com/wood/
Spanish Chestnut english Coster (1993)
Sweet Chestnut english Coster (1993)
Szelídgesztenye hungarian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Tamme Kastanje dutch Boeijink (1992)