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(Willd.) Spreng.

Familia: Cochlospermaceae
Other familia: Bixaceae
Species name according to: Systema Vegetabilium, editio decima sexta 4(2): 406. 1827.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Bombax vitifolium Willd.; Cochlospermum codinae Eichler; Cochlospermum hibiscoides Kunth; Cochlospermum luetzelburgii Pilg.; Cochlospermum serratifolium Moc. & Sessé ex DC.; Cochlospermum triphyllum (Blake) Pittier; Lachnocistus utilis Duchass. ex Linden & Planch.; Mahurea speciosa Choisy; Maximilianea hibiscoides (Kunth) Kuntze; Maximilianea triphylla Blake; Maximilianea vitifolia (Willd.) Krug & Urb.; Wittelsbachia vitifolia (Willd.) Mart. in Mart. & Zucc.;
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