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(Del.) Hiern

Familia: Rubiaceae
Other familia: Naucleaceae
Species name according to: Flora of Tropical Africa 3: 40. 1870.
Accepted standard name: Breonadia salicina (Vahl) Hepper & J.R.I.Wood
View taxon: SN14171
Adina galpinii Oliv.; Adina lasiantha Schum.; Adina spathellifera Oliv.; Cephalanthus spathelliferus Baker; Cephalidium verticillatum B. Boivin; Nauclea microcephala Del.; Nauclea verticillata Baill.;
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Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
African Teak english Coster (1993)
Bara Coster (1993)
Kalunyar Rafi Coster (1993)
Matoemi Coster (1993)
Matoma Coster (1993)
Matumi Coster (1993)
Mdogowe Coster (1993)
Mgwina Coster (1993)
Mingerhout dutch Coster (1993)
Mounga Coster (1993)
Mounya Coster (1993)
Movana Coster (1993)
Mowana Coster (1993)
Mugonha Coster (1993)
Mugunya Coster (1993)
Mulamandia Coster (1993)
Muonha Coster (1993)
Mwenya Coster (1993)
Ngwena Coster (1993)
Pau oleo portuguese Coster (1993)
Watermatoemie Coster (1993)
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