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(Roxb.) Benth.

Familia: Fabaceae
Subfamilia: Mimosoideae
Species name according to: London Journal of Botany 3: 89. 1844.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Acacia procera (Roxb.) Willd.; Feuilleea procera (Roxb.) Kuntze; Mimosa procera Roxb.; Acacia elata Voigt;
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Features and microscopic photographs from Inside Wood database
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Adaan Coster (1993)
akleng parang Indonesia http://www.cabicompendium.org
Beroe Coster (1993)
Bilalang Coster (1993)
brown albizia english Papua New Guinea http://www.cabicompendium.org
Burda Coster (1993)
cay mu cua Coster (1993)
Choe Bong Coster (1993)
Choi Coster (1993)
Daan Coster (1993)
Forest Siris english Australia NAT (1983)
Gura Manja Coster (1993)
Kalai Coster (1993)
Karaal Coster (1993)
Karail Coster (1993)
Karhar Coster (1993)
Kayan Coster (1993)
Khwa Coster (1993)
ki hiyang Indonesia http://www.cabicompendium.org
Kihyang Coster (1993)
Kili Coster (1993)
Kinhi Coster (1993)
kokko-sit Myanmar http://www.cabicompendium.org
Medeloa Coster (1993)
Mu cua Coster (1993)
muong xanh Vietnam http://delta-intkey.com/wood/
oriang Malaysia http://www.cabicompendium.org
Pandrai Coster (1993)
Pruk Coster (1993)
Rain Siris english Australia NAT (1983)
Sabong Coster (1993)
Safe Siris english Australia Elliot (1982)
Safed Siris english Coster (1993)
Sasalmeye Coster (1993)
Sauntiri Coster (1993)
Se Bong Coster (1993)
seto siris Nepal http://www.cabicompendium.org
Sibok Coster (1993)
silkorai Bangladesh http://www.cabicompendium.org
sit Myanmar http://www.cabicompendium.org
sitpen english Myanmar http://delta-intkey.com/wood/
suan Thailand http://delta-intkey.com/wood/
tall albizia english http://delta-intkey.com/wood/
Tekik Coster (1993)
thing thon Thailand http://delta-intkey.com/wood/
Thon Coster (1993)
Vagai Coster (1993)
Vez Coster (1993)
Wangkal Indonesia http://delta-intkey.com/wood/
wangkul Indonesia http://www.cabicompendium.org
Weru Indonesia http://www.cabicompendium.org
White Siris english Australia Turnbull (1986)
White Siris english Coster (1993)
Women's Tongues english Australia Elliot (1982)