CEOS-Landslide: Committee on Earth Observation Satellites – Landslide Pilot Working Group

The CEOS Landslide Pilot aims to demonstrate the effective exploitation of satellite EO across the full cycle of landslide disaster risk management, including preparedness, response, and recovery at global, regional, and local scales, with a distinct multi-hazard focus on cascading impacts and risks.

 The Landslide Pilot is focusing efforts on three objectives ( 2016-2019):

  •  ·         Establish effective practices for merging different Earth Observation data (e.g. optical and radar) to better monitor and map landslide activity over time and space.
  • ·         Demonstrate how landslide products, models, and services can support disaster risk management for multi-hazard and cascading landslide events.
  • ·         Engage and partner with data brokers and end users to understand requirements and user expectations and get feedback through the activities described in objectives 1-2.

 The pilot is focused on several key regions, including the Central Eastern Africa region.

Principal investigator:


2018 2020

External collaborators:

Université de Strasbourg
GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences