Africana Linguistica Vol. 20 (2014)


3. Odden, David & Bickmore, Lee
Melodic tone in Bantu : overview

15. Meeussen, Achille Emile
Tones of the subjunctive and the imperative in Bantu

39. Bickmore, Lee
Cilungu tone melodies: a descriptive and comparative study

63. Crane, Thera
Melodic tone in Totela TAM

81. Devos, Maud 
Melodic H in Makwe

101. Downing, Laura
Melodic verb tone patterns in Jita

121. Ebarb, Kristopher J., Green, Christopher R. & Marlo, Michael R.
Luyia tone melodies

145. Halme-Berneking, Riikka
Melodic high in Mbadja and Kwanyama

163. Hyman, Larry
Tonal melodies in the Lulamogi verb

181. Kisseberth, Charles W. & Guérois, Rozenn
Melodic H tones in Emakhuwa and Ecuwabo verb

207. Leitch, Myles
Stem tone dynamics of Dibole, a Bantu C language

225. Makasso, Emmanuel-Moselly
The melodic tone pattern in Basaa

243. Maniacky, Jacky & Ambouroue, Odette
Melodic tones in Orungu (Bantu B11b)

263. Manus, Sophie
Melodic patterns in Símákonde

277. Marlo, Michael R., Chacha Mwita, Leonard & Paster, Mary
Kuria tone melodies

295. Marlo, Michael R. & Odden, David
Bakweri tone melodies

313. Morrison, Michelle
Predictable tone in Bena

331. Odden, David
Melodic tones in Karanga Shona

349. Philippson, Gérard
Verb stem tone patterns in Dawida (E74a)

367. Roberts-Kohno, Ruth
Melodic tones in Kikamba

385. Van Otterloo, Karen
Tonal melodies in the Kifuliru verbal system


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