Africana Linguistica Vol. 24 (2018)


Kalahari Basin Sound Structure - in memory of Anthony T. Traill (1939-2007)

5. Fehn, Anne-Maria
New data on northeastern Kalahari Khoe phoneme inventories - a comparative survey

31. Gerlach, Linda
Palatalization in ǂ’Amkoe

45. Güldemann, Tom & Nakagawa, Hirosi
Anthony Traill and the holistic approach to Kalahari Basin sound design

75. Lionnet, Florian
Phonological teamwork in Kalahari Basin languages

99. Pratchett, Lee J.
Voicing on the fringe: towards an analysis of ‘quirky’ phonology in Ju and beyond

Regular Articles

123. Bickmore, Lee
Contrast reemergence in the Aushi subjunctive

139. Prokhorov, Kirill
Focus marking and topicality in Mombo


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