Africana Linguistica Vol. 25 (2019)


Bickmore, Lee & Mkochi, Winfred
Tonal absolute neutralization in Malawian CiTonga 

Crane, Thera Marie & Persohn, Bastian
A model-theoretic discussion of Bantu actionality 

Gunnink, Hilde
The fronted infinitive construction in Fwe 

Merrill, John T.M.
Analysis of D’Avezac’s 17th century Sereer wordlist 

Pacchiarotti, Sara, Chousou-Polydouri, Natalia & Bostoen, Koen
Untangling the West-Coastal Bantu mess: identification, geography and phylogeny of the Bantu B50-80 languages 

Pozdniakov, Konstantin & Segerer, Guillaume
Regular homophones: a tool for semantic typology and for linguistic reconstruction 

Roth, Tim & Gibson, Hannah
Differential diagnoses of language change in Ngoreme, a Bantu language of Tanzania 

Voisin, Sylvie & Dramé, Mamour
L’inaccompli dans différentes variétés du wolof