Guided tour by Bamko

The AfricaMuseum aims to offer visitors a dynamic platform for encounter and dialogue with people of different generations and cultures. It therefore invites its educational partners to organise activities at the museum.

Guided tour Bamko

The Bamko-cran association offers “decolonial guided tours” that are designed by sharp-minded feminist, environmentalist and anti-racism activists! During the 1h30 of the tour, you can partake in critical analyses on colonial history and its impact today. At the end of the visit, you can also share your reflections and suggestions during a 30-minute discussion and debate.

The tour is designed for participants above the age of 15. Guided tours for younger people can be arranged upon request.

Dutch, French or English

For more information on the price (which differs from AfricaMuseum tour prices), contact the e-mail address below.


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