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Patricia Mergen

  • Mergen, P.,  Diagre-Vanderpelen, D.,  Hanquart, N.,  Richard, N. & Pravdenko, I. 2022. ‘SciCoMove: Scientific Collections on the Move: Provincial Museums, Archives, and Collecting Practices (1850–1950)’. Conference for the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC), International Partner – BHL (Biodiversity Heritage Library) and National Partner – NatSCA (Natural Sciences Collections Association) 2022. Book of abstracts. Edingburgh : Pensoft. DOI:
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  • Geerts, A.,  Weigand, A.,  Mergen, P. & Leese, F. 2017. ‘DNAqua-Net: A platform for (young) water professionals interested in DNA-based biomonitoring and bioassessment’. Benelux Young Water Professionals 5th Regional Conference. Book of abstracts. Gent  : International Water Association.
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