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Mathilde Leduc

Cultural anthropology & history
History & politics
  • Leduc-Grimaldi , M. 2022. ‘Without the railway, the State cannot thrive” (Stanley June 1885) the Railroad at the threschold of the Belgian Move in Congo’. Trains and tracks in Africa. A Dialogue on Infrastructures and Mobilities in Africa. Book of abstracts. RMCA / Europalia. (PR)
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  • Leduc-Grimaldi, M. 2016. ‘The Decolonization of Cultural Institutions across Empires: Comments’. Global Migrations: Empires, Nations, and Neighbors. AHA Annual Meeting. Book of abstracts. Washington DC : Americna Historical Association, 224. (PR)
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  • Leduc-Grimaldi, M. 2014. ‘The ImmArch Program at RMCA : Collections, Knowledge Production and Development Aid’. Geographies of Co-Production. New geographical Frontier: Academic & Student Mobilities. Book of abstracts. London : Royal Grographical Society, 273. (PR)
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