Cultural Anthropology and History

There is not one African society, but many societies, each of which has its specific features. 

We study the past, present, functioning and production of these societies. Our research mainly focuses on:

  • prehistory and archaeology
  • peoples and their cultural productions
  • colonial history 
  • political systems
  • rituals
  • languages
  • music.

Fieldwork is carried out in Africa, but also among the diaspora. 

The study of collections and archives is essential. We oversee their preservation, digitisation and promotion, through research, exhibitions and various publications.

We work in collaboration with scientific institutions, particularly those in Africa.


  • Heritage Studies

    Heritage Studies

    We study the cultural materials of Africa using a multi-disciplinary approach that includes archaeology, historical linguistics and art history.

  • Culture and Society

    Culture and Society

    Our research looks at the oral cultures and societies of Africa from the perspective of a variety of disciplines: linguistics, anthropology, musicology, history and art history.

  • History and Politics

    History and Politics

    We specialise primarily in the colonial and postcolonial history of the DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

  • Archives and Collection Management

    Archives and Collection Management

    We oversee the management of the human sciences collections and archives.