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(Gaertn.) Merr.

Familia: Rubiaceae
Species name according to: Philippine Journal of Science 35(1): 8. 1928.
Accepted standard name: Psydrax dicoccos Gaertn.
View taxon: SN17025
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Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
bertulang malay
duk kang thai
Kemejing sundanese
kendal gamprit sundanese
Keng lieng yai thai
klis sundanese
kopen sundanese
Kraduuk Khaang Coster (1993)
Krim Coster (1993)
Manplaa Coster (1993)
mentulang malay
Meraga malay
merajah malay
merajah kayu malay
mertulang malay
metulang malay
Mong Coster (1993)
pin-kopiyan sundanese
Talai Kheemuu Coster (1993)
taring pelanduk malay
Xuong Ca Coster (1993)
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