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8 archives found for 'Camperio, Manfredo'
  • 5983.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to Dorothy Tennant, about Manfredo Camperio having blamed him to take part against Gaetano Casati, Mallow, Co., 24-10-1890, Cork
  • 6272.

    Manfredo Camperio, 12-05-1904, Villa S. Fiorano
  • 5155.

    Carte de visite album, 29,8 x 22,8

    with 42 studio portrait photographs of (among others) Stanley, Dorothy Tennant, Charles George Gordon, Baron Lambermont, Oswald Dutalis, Hermenegildo Capello, Roberto Ivens, Alice Pike, Anthony Bannister Swinburne, R. W. Murray, Gaetano Casati, Thomas H.
  • 2149.

    Letter from Manfredo Camperio to HMS, mentioning the death of his daughter, about his coming work Le memorie di Gessi Pascia, La Santa di Monza, 24-06-[1890]
  • 2150.

    Letter from Manfredo Camperio to HMS, about Stanley's My early travels and adventures, wishing him success in the coming elections, La Santa di Monza, 26-06-1895
  • 2151.

    Letter from Manfredo Camperio to HMS, about Stanley's election victory, "I am now very busy with the commerce in Africa and Asia", La Santa di Monza, 07-08-1895
  • 2152.

    Letter from Edward J. Glave to HMS, about his expedition in Alaska, in "a totally unknown country, never visited by the white man", Yakatat, S.E. Alaska, July 1890
  • 2150.

    Letter from Edward J. Glave to HMS, informing him about his expedition in Nyasaland devoted to the study of the different branches of slavery, mentioning the British "zealously following the spirit of the Brussels Act" but being handicapped by want of funds, expressing the hope that "the w, N. Nyasa, Mpata, 02-05-1894