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7 archives found for 'Casati, Gaetano'
  • 5596.

    "Captain Casati", The Times, 17-07-1890
  • 5983.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to Dorothy Tennant, about Manfredo Camperio having blamed him to take part against Gaetano Casati, Mallow, Co., 24-10-1890, Cork
  • 4634.

    Various autobiographical notes, [1893 or later], typescript, some ink additions by Dorothy Tennant, 68 pp., 4to

    Notes on Officers at Yambuya; Barttelot; The Barttelot case also Livingstone; Kavalli and Emin; Joy lies in the doing; [Gaetano] Casati; Phil Robinson and pressmen; Quakers; The Press; Platitudes, preaching; The Public; Letter Writing; In sickness; Going to Abyssinia; Congo; Livingstone search; Among Englishmen; Love; Appleton vs. Stanley Oct. 29th 1893; Death; Uganda; Livingstone; Letters; After returning home
  • 5155.

    Carte de visite album, 29,8 x 22,8

    with 42 studio portrait photographs of (among others) Stanley, Dorothy Tennant, Charles George Gordon, Baron Lambermont, Oswald Dutalis, Hermenegildo Capello, Roberto Ivens, Alice Pike, Anthony Bannister Swinburne, R. W. Murray, Gaetano Casati, Thomas H.
  • 1202.

    Letter from Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson to HMS, about his arrival at the Pasha's camp and their decision to start for Kavalli's, showing his resentment of Gaetano Casati's selfishness, Weré Camp, Albert Nyanza, 15-02-1889
    Note: With a note from Emin Pasha to HMS, announcing his departure [for Kavalli's] to-morrow morning
  • 2148.

    Letter from Manfredo Camperio (co-signed by members of the Società di Esplorazione Commerciale in Africa) to HMS, offering a lunch to him, Milan, [29-04-1886?]
  • 2330.

    Gaetano Casati, Naples, 14-07-1890 [Telegram]