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11 archives found for 'Owen, John'
  • 5391.

    "The nationality of Mr. H. M. Stanley" [letter to the Editor by Evan Pierce], with a reply letter to the Liverpool Courier by John Owen , Liverpool Courier, 08-02-1889
  • 77.

    ADDRESS BOOK, pocket notebook (c. 1885-1890), 16mo, green leather, ink and pencil, 23 pp.

    Containing among others addresses of William Hoffman, William Mackinnon, Agnes Livingstone Bruce, Dorothy Tennant, Greenleaf Webb Appleton, also a few memoranda
  • 6008.

    Letters from John Owen (Stanley's cousin) to Dorothy Tennant, 1892-1895, s.l. (4 pieces)
  • 4929.

    Receipt of cheques drawn by John Owen for the burial of Elizabeth Johnes [mother of HMS], Glascoed, St. Asaph, 12-05-1886
  • 5050.

    Flyer on behalf of John Issard Davies, Mayor of Carnarvon, inciting the inhabitants to show their "appreciation and admiration" of the public services rendered by HMS, 11-06-1891
  • 1863.

    Letter from HMS to William Hoffman, begging him to send a telegram to John Owen about the death of his mother Elizabeth Jones, Nice, 26-03-1886
  • 91.

    Letter from John Owen (Stanley's cousin) to HMS, asking him to use his influence for the vacant position of Assistant Superintendent on the railway at Swansea, London & North Western Railway, Shrewsbury, 15-09-1884
  • 92.

    Letter from John Owen (Stanley's cousin) to HMS, mentioning newspaper clippings that show "how your private affairs and even to some extent those of an obscure individual like myself have been the subject of the prying curiosity of the press", Shrewsbury, 08-05-1886
  • 93.

    Letter from John Owen (Stanley's cousin) to HMS, enclosing a receipt [not included] from R. J. [Robert Jones?] of having received £25, deploring that "he simply said that the money was fairly due to him", s.l., [May 1886]
  • 102.

    Letters from Edward Morris Gough Roberts to HMS, asking for assistance, s.l., January 1898 (2 pieces)
  • 103.

    Letter from E. Tudor Owen to HMS, informing about the dead of John Owen, Cherry Orchard, Shrewsbury, 02-10-1896
    Note: With ink inscription by HMS "John Owen died October 1st 1896"