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18 archives found for 'Victoria, Queen'
  • 5266.

    HMS with May-French Sheldon and Colonel Clarence Collier on Queen Victoria's Jubilee Day, 1897, diameter 17,9

    round frame, ink inscription on the reverse, copy
  • 12.

    JOURNAL (Zanzibar, 15 May 1872 - New York, 22 November 1872), marbled paper sides, ink, 95 pp., 4to (22,5 x 17,5)

    Stanley’s preparations in Zanzibar for the ‘Young Livingstone’s Relief Expedition’ and his way back to England; accounts of his relation with John Kirk, the British consul in Zanzibar, and with Oswell Livingstone, the son of David Livingstone, in Zanzibar and the Seychelles; Stanley’s equivocal welcome in London, long accounts of his address to the British. Association in Brighton, his reception by Queen Victoria, etc.; loose press cutting inserted (April 1882) about Stanley’s family; also a letter (draft?) from HMS to Rev. Horace Waller, [July 1872], informing him “that I bring Livingstone’s letters to London”
  • 6636.

    Arthur John Bigge, 05-07-1896 [telegr.], Private Sec. to Queen Victoria, Windsor Castle
  • 6910.

    a. Letter from James Augustus Grant to Sir Henry Rawlinson (President Royal Geographical Society), regarding the offer to get him elected as a member of the Royal Geographical Society, 17-07-1872, London
  • 6910.

    b. Letter from Laurence Oliphant to Sir Henry Rawlinson (President Royal Geographical Society), mentioning his fear that "rumours are likely to be circulated calculated to damage Livingstone's credit and character", 29-07-[1872], Paris
  • 6910.

    c. Letter from HMS to Sir Henry Rawlinson (President Royal Geographical Society), informing him of his London address, 29-07-1872, Paris
  • 6910.

    d. Letter from HMS to Sir Henry Rawlinson (President Royal Geographical Society), showing his pride in receiving the snuffbox from Queen Victoria, stating that he could easily forgive the English geographers for their unkind remarks "if I was not aware that the same principle of hostility still lives", 02-09-1872, London
  • 6910.

    e. Newspaper cutting, "[Memorial to] the late Captain [John Henning] Speke", [1872], [?]
  • 6910.

    f. Photographs of HMS in 1872 (8,5 x 6,3) and 1877 (9,2 x 6), James Augustus Grant (9,1 x 5,6) and John Hanning Speke (9 x 5,9)
  • 3366.

    Queen Victoria, London (Windsor), 10-12-1889 [Telegram]
  • 3676.

    Henry Frederick Ponsonby, Private Sec. of Queen Victoria, Windsor Castle, 28-06-1890
  • 5053.

    Card extending to HMS the privileges of the Club House of the Saint Nicholas Club (New York) for two weeks, at the request of Dr. Edward Quintard, 05-11-1895
  • 1086.

    Letter from Anton Greshoff to HMS, inviting him to come to the opening of the Congo railway, asking to try to convince King Leopold to dispatch Rachid ben Mohamed to Zanzibar, on Denzil Stanley's descent, Dhanis's Nile expedition, Olive Schreiner's Peter Halkett, Queen Victoria's Diamond, Brazzaville, 25-09-1897
  • 1088.

    Letter [incomplete] from Anton Greshoff to HMS, about the possibility of Belgium taking over the Congo State, the mismanagement by the French administration and their inaptness to become governors of the Congo, complaining about the new generation of Dutch agents compared with "the good old stock", ab, s.l., [1897?]
  • 1098.

    Letter from Anton Greshoff to HMS, on the death of Frederic Myers and Queen Victoria, regarding the engagement of "good young men" in the Congo, Brazzaville, 04-03-1901
  • 1398.

    Letter from William Mackinnon to HMS, showing his anxiousness "to learn your views about our East African work and get your help to a vigorous prosecution of it", informing him of the King Leopold's wish "to have you back again", also mentioning Queen Victoria's desire to be the first to rec, Balinakill, Clachan (Argyllshire), 22-01-1890
  • 1504.

    Letter from Sampson Low, Marston & Co. to HMS, acknowledging the reception of a gold snuff and breast pin from Queen Victoria, Sampson Low, Marston, Low and Searle (London), 30-04-1873
  • 2117.

    Letter from May L. French Sheldon to HMS, “I did come faithful to my promise (…)”, s.l., s.d.