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Henry Morton Stanley : journals and notebooks.

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  • 7.

    JOURNAL in Lett's Diary N° 8. 1871 ( 1871 ) , green cloth, ink and pencil , 160 pp. , some excised (11-12 November: the meeting with Livingstone) , 8vo (19,5 x 12)

    Opening page: "Henry M. Stanley. Travelling Correspondent of the New York Herald. 1871. This book was purchased in Bombay. Store of Thacker Vining & Co. It is intended to contain as much information respecting myself as may be condensed to the limits of the pages within". Contains the preparation of the expedition on the isle of Zanzibar, Stanley's voyage to Ujiji, the Mirambo war, his stay with Livingstone, their expedition on Lake Tanganyika to find the mouth of the Ruzizi etc.; pencilled portrait of Livingstone on November 16; also list of accounts with the New York Herald, 1 October - 31 December 1870, and surveys of the covered distances

  • 8.

    FIELD NOTEBOOK ( 16-29 November 1871 ) , red leather, pencil, some text and two maps inked in , 140 pp. , oblong 8vo (15,5 x 9)

    Contains notes on the expedition of Stanley and Livingstone on Lake Tanganyika (the first two weeks), extensive notes on Livingstone's character and habits, his former expeditions into Africa, his preoccupations with the source of the Nile, notes on East African tribes and trade, list of supplies, etc.; including pencilled maps of Lake Tanganyika, landscapes, boat people and warriors

  • 9.

    FIELD NOTEBOOK ( Ujiji, 27 December 1871 - Unyanyembe, 18 February 1872 ) , red leather, partly disbound, pencil , 135 pp. , oblong 8vo (15 x 9)

    Continued notes on the expedition on Lake Tanganyika, the way back eastwards, from Ujiji to Unyanyembe, further notes and observations on Livingstone and his future plans, lists of stores, porters, accounts, place names, etc.; including pencilled maps, a sketch of Stanley and Livingstone by their tent, some figures in Livingstone's hand

  • 10.

    FIELD NOTEBOOK ( Unyanyembe, 13 March 1872 - Kisemo, 30 April 1872 ) , black leather, pencil , 129 pp. , oblong 8vo (15 x 9)

    Continued notes on Stanley's departure from Livingstone and his way back to the East Coast, a draft of a letter sent to the doctor one day after the parting (14 March 1872), a list of items to send to Livingstone, descriptions of tribes, birth and burial customs, of characters and landscapes; including pencilled sketches and a pencilled map of the Rudewa and its tributaries

  • 11.

    JOURNAL ( 10 November 1871 - Unyanyembe, 14 March 1872 ) , marbled paper sides, ink , 212 pp. , some pages at the end of the book excised , 4to (22 x 17,5)

    Detailed daily account of Stanley's sojourn with Livingstone, their expedition on Lake Tanganyika and their voyage to Unyanyembe, including a text of Stanley's parting letter to Livingstone (20 March 1872)

  • 12.

    JOURNAL ( Zanzibar, 15 May 1872 - New York, 22 November 1872 ) , marbled paper sides, ink , 95 pp. , 4to (22,5 x 17,5)

    Stanley’s preparations in Zanzibar for the ‘Young Livingstone’s Relief Expedition’ and his way back to England; accounts of his relation with John Kirk, the British consul in Zanzibar, and with Oswell Livingstone, the son of David Livingstone, in Zanzibar and the Seychelles; Stanley’s equivocal welcome in London, long accounts of his address to the British. Association in Brighton, his reception by Queen Victoria, etc.; loose press cutting inserted (April 1882) about Stanley’s family; also a letter (draft?) from HMS to Rev. Horace Waller, [July 1872], informing him “that I bring Livingstone’s letters to London”

  • 13.

    Part of a JOURNAL ( Madrid, 15-16 May 1873 ) , three leaves of a Lett's diary, ink , 3 written pp. , 8vo

    About a dinner with Austen Henry Layard