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Henry Morton Stanley : manuscripts.

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  • 4624.

    Typescript of the Stanley Journals 2, 11 and 12 , presumably used for the Autobiography , typescript, pencil and ink annotations , numbered 165-371 , 4to

  • 4625.

    Various autobiographical notes in Stanley's autograph , s.d. , c. 40 pp., a few loose and three in typescript, also title page , 4to

    Notes on Un-English; Lying; Love; Myself after Shiloh; Premonitions; In Arkansas; Failures; In New York; 1866 - Welsh nature; Sending money to a friend; 1867 - As a roving journalist; 1869 - Journalistic; Entering Africa; My mission after Livingstone; Temper in Africa; Solitude in Africa; Innocence in Africa; Hatteras; Livingstone's conversation; Congo; Autobiography; Congo; Omaha; After the Emin Expedition Dec. 1890; Congo 1884; Fever; Religion; Bathing; Pittsburgh Landing; Bumbireh; De Brazza's face

  • 4626.

    Notebook with various notes in Stanley's autograph , relating to his early years in Wales and the U.S., the death of his "father", the Congo ("the King has often desired me to go back…"), Captain Deane at Stanley Falls, savages of Wagogo, the EPRE, press and politics ("much travel makes a man cosmopolite … but a newspaper man remains local to his dotage"), return from Africa, Edmund M. Barttelot and other officers of the Rear Column , c. 110 pp., several torn, ink , 4to, black leather

  • 4627.

    Notebook with an index "prepared by Stanley giving headings of subjects he meant to write" (Dorothy Tennant) , almost empty , , 4to, red leather

    Notes on Africa; Congo State Flag; [General Charles] Gordon; At school

  • 4628.

    Autobiographical notes , typescript, index page in Stanley's autograph , 11 pp., two pp. torn out , 4to

    Notes on Denbigh or Wales; Mrs. [Elizabeth] Jones - 1867; Writing Autobiography; The Welsh; Swansea; Time; Schools; Rhyl; Rhewd Law; Motives

  • 4629.

    Autobiographical notes regarding Australia , New Zealand and General Charles Gordon , [1892 or later] , typescript , 18 pp. , 4to

  • 4630.

    Various autobiographical notes , s.d. , typescript, some pencil corrections by Dorothy Tennant , 32 pp. , 4to

    Notes on Lord Houghton and self travellers; Lord Charles Hamilton, Abyssinia; The Vanderbilts and the Astors; Jealousy; Abuse; Americans; Newspapers; Across the Plains; Eyes; General Hancock 1867; The Platte; Americans and English; The Americans abroad; Autographs; Youth; Railroads; Reading Newspapers; Reporters; Fools; General Sherman; Self in sickness; Captain; Belief; Death in the Field or on a Campaign; God

  • 4631.

    Various autobiographical notes , [c. 1893 or later] , typescript, with pencil corrections by Dorothy Tennant , 75 pp. plus autograph title page by HMS , 4to

    Notes on Calumny, Prayer; Inventions; The young; Youth; Work & object of life; [Edward] Virnard; Teachings of life; The Times; Success; The sea; Society; Schopenhauer; Religion; Political Topics; Perfect disinterestedness; Prefatory; Officialism; Cicero's death; Marriage; The mind; Murray the Publisher; [Thomas Babington] Macaulay; Learning; My love; Love of country and home; Love; [Henry] Labouchere; Knowledge; Journalistic Quackery; Ireland; Human nature; Irreligion in London; Illusions; Hospitality; Happy mean; Sad unhelpful tears (Shakespeare); [William] Gladstone; [Francis] Galton; Faithful and fearless; Education; Disposition; Domestic infelicities; The difficulty of avoiding a law court; Doctors; Castle Rock; Capital punishment; Church and its Reform; Crowds; The cruelties of other people; [Auguste] Comte; Columbus's hair; Cards; Calumny

  • 4632.

    Various autobiographical notes , s.d. , typescript with title page in Stanley's autograph , 15 pp. , 4to

    Notes on Revisit to Ujiji; New explorations Africa; Kings of Uganda and Unyoro; Afloat after Bumbireh; Down the Congo; Ngalyema; The Portuguese; The black and the white man; King Leopold 1st; Kintarn (?) cataract; The borrowing friend

  • 4633.

    Various autobiographical notes , s.d. , typescript with 3 pp. autograph addition and a small pencil note about William Bonny, also a few pencil and ink corrections or remarks , 58 pp. , 4to

    Notes on Herbert Ward; Work; Death; Our Expedition; Banalaya; Yambuya and Rear Column; Troup, Ward, and officers of Rear Column; British East Africa; Barttelot-Jephson-Emin; [Louis] Valcke; Officers; Joy's soul; Barbarism; Fame; Bonny at Banalya; Advancement

  • 4634.

    Various autobiographical notes , [1893 or later] , typescript, some ink additions by Dorothy Tennant , 68 pp. , 4to

    Notes on Officers at Yambuya; Barttelot; The Barttelot case also Livingstone; Kavalli and Emin; Joy lies in the doing; [Gaetano] Casati; Phil Robinson and pressmen; Quakers; The Press; Platitudes, preaching; The Public; Letter Writing; In sickness; Going to Abyssinia; Congo; Livingstone search; Among Englishmen; Love; Appleton vs. Stanley Oct. 29th 1893; Death; Uganda; Livingstone; Letters; After returning home

  • 4635.

    Autograph draft (pp.186-210 in the Autobiography) , ink , 30 pp. torn from a notebook , 4to

  • 4636.

    Autograph draft (pp. 3-161 in the Autobiography) in a Charles Letts's improved Diary for 1895 , [1895] , autograph draft, in ink , 195 pp., newspaper cuttings inserted , 4to

  • 4637.

    Autograph draft (pp. 161-193 in the Autobiography) in a notebook ("1") entitled "Arkansas" , [1895] , autograph draft, in ink , 40 pp., newspaper cutting inserted , 4to

  • 4638.

    Autograph draft (pp. 193-202 in the Autobiography) in a notebook ("2") , [1895] , autograph draft, in ink , 12 pp. , 4to

  • 4639.

    Autograph draft (pp. 210-215 in the Autobiography) in a notebook entitled "Prison" , [1895] , autograph draft, in ink , 8 pp. , 4to

  • 4640.

    Autograph draft in four notebooks covering the Chapters XVII and XIX in the Autobiography , some parts omitted eventually, each notebook entitled "Emin" , [1895] , autograph draft, in ink , 95 pp. , 4to

  • 4641.

    Typescript of Through The World (= Chapters I-IX of the Autobiography) , 164 pp. , 4to

  • 4642.

    Typescript of Through The World (= Chapters I-IX of the Autobiography) , with spelling corrections and list of "Errata" , 164 pp. plus typescript copies of two letters from Sir George Grey to HMS , 4to

  • 4643.

    Typescript of Through The World (= Chapters I-IX of the Autobiography) , with ink corrections , 161 pp. plus some autograph additions by Dorothy , 4to

  • 4644.

    Autograph draft by Dorothy Tennant entitled Journal (= Chapters XX-XXIV of the Autobiography) , c. 147 pp. , 4to

  • 4645.

    Various fragments , covering the "Editor's Preface", the "Introduction" and the Chapters X to XXIV and XXVII in the Autobiography, some in the handwriting of Dorothy Tennant, but most typescript drafts with pencil and ink corrections by Dorothy Tennant and George S. Merriam, some fragments eventually exluded from the Autobiography, some others apparently the beginning of a biography for youths , , all 4to ( )

    See also nr. 4719

  • 4646.

    Note or letter in Stanley's autograph ("At an early age I was impressed…") , reproduced in the Autobiography , 23-04-1902 ,

  • 4647.

    Typescript manuscript eventually omitted from the Autobiography, "for lack of space" (Dorothy Tennant) , mainly transcribed pages of Stanley's Journal 81 , typescript, with pencil marks , 51 pp., incomplete , 4to