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Henry Morton Stanley : miscellanea.

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  • 5356.

    Scrapbook with press cuttings of Stanley’s reports on the American Indian Wars, 1867-9, and from Spain, 1873 , a few inserted; also enclosed manuscript (1 p.) in Stanley’s autograph about distinguishing characteristics of the Turks, and a description of the Turkish town of Khutaiah [Kütahya] , 183 pp.
  • 5357.

    Scrapbook (Newspaper Scraps & C.) with press cuttings regarding the Livingstone search expedition , 1871-72 , app. 187 pp.
  • 5358.

    Scrapbook (News Cuttings) with press cuttings from 1872-77 , one 1884 extract, with index, contains also two songs (with score) in memory of David Livingstone, and Stanley's map of the Congo River , 123 pp.
  • 5359.

    Scrapbook (Newspaper Cuttings) with press cuttings from 1873-74 , contains also some portraits of HMS, a hymn to be sung at the funeral of David Livingstone, a cartoon of the Stanley-Livingstone meeting , 1878 , 198 pp.
  • 5360.

    Scrapbook (Newspaper Cuttings) with press cuttings from 1882-84 , mainly about the founding of the Congo State, contains also a report of a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce (03-10-1884, with pencil corrections) , 200 pp.
  • 5361.

    Scrapbook (Newspaper Cuttings) with press cuttings about Stanley's marriage (1890) , with index , 144 pp.
  • 5362.

    Scrapbook with numerous press cuttings (1886-1891) regarding the EPRE, Stanley's marriage, etc. , also book reviews, illustrations, and an uncorrected proof of Sir Francis de Winton's report on The Congo Free State
  • 5363.

    Scrapbook (Newspaper Cuttings) with press cuttings mainly about Stanley's marriage (1890) and his 1892 election campaign , some inserted, with index , 40 pp.
  • 5364.

    Scrapbook with press cuttings from the New York City papers from 30-10 to 05-11-1890 , mainly about the EPRE controversy. Sent to HMS by Alfred Balch of the Star (with accompanying letter) , 27 pp.
  • 5365.

    Scrapbook labelled H. M. Stanley Esq. , with press cuttings from 1890-93 , 23 pp.
  • 5366.

    Scrapbook labelled Uganda Cuttings , with press cuttings from 1890-95 [including a few sketch maps of Africa], also some inserted , 94 pp.
    Note: enclosed memorandum concerning "British Interests in East Africa" (1894) and a paper by George S. Mackenzie on The Trade of British East Africa: its importance and prospects (1894)
  • 5367.

    Scrapbook labelled Congo Free State , with press cuttings from mainly 1893-94 , 17 pp.
  • 5368.

    Scrapbook with various obituaries (mainly from the 1890's) of famous people and acquaintances , some articles on the Livingstone Hospital, the Thomas H. Parke Memorial, the state of affairs at the Congo State and execution of Charles Stokes (1895), the death of William Mackinnon and Alexander Low Bruce , c. 9 pp.
    Note: with several inserted cuttings
  • 5369.

    Scrapbook labelled Interveiws (sic). Speeches. Letters. Articles , containing two contributions by HMS to the Youth's Companion and some press cuttings , 1894
  • 5370.

    Scrapbook entitled H. M. Stanley. May 1904 , with press cuttings on the death of HMS, contains also the Order of Stanley's Funeral Service , 60 pp.