Bantu Lexical Reconstructions 3

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MAIN c`ak L (V) desire, wish; search for
418   désirer, souhaiter; chercher
  Total Distribution: Regions: 5: NW SW Ce NE SE Zones: 13: A B C E F G H J K L N P S
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MAIN 418 c`ak L V desire, wish; search for A B C E F G H J K L N P
DER 427 c`akan L V play H S
DER 428 c`akUd L V choose G K L S
DER 9630 c`ak&i L V desire C
INC 419 c`ak L V search for
VAR 9606 t`ak L V desire, lack A C G
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MAIN 420 c`ak L V drive; chase B C G F N P
9283 c`aik L V desire J
9284 caUk V need G P N