Latest publications:

  • mineralogy

    The Type Mineralogy of Africa

    Florias Mees

    Tervuren African Geoscience Collection, vol. 110

    Publisher: RMCA

    ISBN : 978-9-4926-6918-6

    30 €

    648 p.

  • artsanspareil.jpg

    Unrivalled Art. Spellbinding Artefacts at the Royal Museum for Central Africa

    Series “Collections of the RMCA”, special issue

    Published by BAI and the RMCA, A copublication with Philippe de Moerloose

    ISBN : 978-9-0858-6776-0

    25 €

  • haut-katanga_cover.jpg

    Conjonctures de l'Afrique Centrale 2019

    Sara Geenen, Aymar Nyenyezi Bisoka & An Ansoms (eds)

    Collection « Cahiers africains », n° 93

    Co-edition: L’Harmattan / RMCA & CRE-AC/E-CA

    ISBN : 978-2-343-17514-0

    39 €

    458 p

  • artsanspareil.jpg

    The Birds of Cameroon. Their status and distribution

    Marc Languy

    Series « Studies in Afrotropical Zoology », vol. 299

    Publisher: RMCA (Partnership with the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences)

    ISBN : 978-9-4926-6958-2

    568 p., ca. 500 photos

    40 €


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