Intensive professional development training in historical archival research for Masters and PhD students

  • For candidates from Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda.
  • One week online training, followed by a 2-week training at the Ecole du Patrimoine Africain (Porto-Novo, Benin).
  • For Master's or PhD students in Human Sciences. 
  • Possibility of practical application during a 3-month stay at the Royal Museum for Central Africa.
  • 14 scholarships available.
  • In French.

 2021-2022 edition

Deadline for application: 14 July 2021.

ATTENTION - due to problems encountered by some applicants in gathering all the necessary documents and preparing the video, the deadline for submitting the application file is extended to 27 August 2021 - last deadline. 

To answer some requests from candidates who do not meet the age limit, we inform you that these people can nevertheless submit their application and that their file will be examined by the selection committee even if we cannot guarantee at this time that the derogation will be possible.